Why You Should Have Your Vehicle Inspected Before You Buy

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Nowadays, spotting a car and purchasing it is mainly done online. You may have been looking for a vehicle on different platforms and now feel ready to cash out on one that impressed you. Well, before you even think of pulling out your checkbook, have it inspected first. The visible aspects that people consider before buying a car, like color, model, and type, might deceive you.

Moreover, you have spotted the car online. How do you know its functionality and market value? That is why you need a professional certified by Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) to inspect the vehicle you intend to buy. A pre-purchase inspection is crucial.

Pre-purchase inspection has unlimited benefits, more so if an ASE-certified professional does it. Below are a few benefits of the pre-purchase inspection.

Provide Peace of Mind

During the purchase period, the buyer always seems unsettled. They think about the vehicle, whether it is in good condition or not, if the value is exaggerated, and if they are making the right decision. All these issues make your mind go nuts, but they can be solved and have your peace of mind restored. Besides , you are doing your transaction online you don’t know the seller, and if they are trustworthy.

Having an ASE-certified professional keeps your mind calm since they are trustworthy. Luckily, one professional is in  Hagerstown, MD. 21740. Besides offering inspection services, they provide vehicle appraisals at an extra cost and are available which are accepted for loan or insurance coverage.

Various mechanics offer inspection services near me, but I would go with ASE-certified professionals. It is better to have a professional who proves qualification and worth your trust to inspect the vehicle.You might not be available when the inspection is done why not choose someone worth your trust?

Market Price of the Car

Online market value is mostly overpriced. Therefore, it is better to seek a professional to inspect the vehicle and estimate its market value. This gives you some knowledge about the buying price range and will help you avoid the seller’s exploitation.

Moreover, why lose a considerable amount, whereas you can avoid it by paying a professional to do their job for less? An inspection takes less than an hour and can be done on-site. So, it is worth it.

What you are About to Purchase

Pre-purchase inspections reveal what is beyond the picture when purchasing a vehicle, especially a collector car. Online images and videos only show what is visible and what the dealer wants you to see. But do you know what lies in the engine and other parts that the video cannot portray? Of course, you don’t, and that is why you need a professional inspection before committing to buy the car.

Though collector cars have usually already been cosmetically restored, they might be mechanically compromised. Therefore, if you ignore pre-purchase inspection, you might buy a stunning car that is mechanically weak. Is that what you want?

If you feel yet to be convinced, here is what auto-motive inspection entails.

  • It validates the functioning of the vehicle.
  • It authenticates the drivability of the vehicle, including brake function and tire wear.
  • It discloses the hidden glitches of the engine, steering, or suspension.
  • When possible identifies computer codes that can expose electrical or mechanical issues of the vehicle.
  • It creates confidence in the vehicle market value.

These are inspection functions that any mechanic can perform, but professional personnel certified by ASE can go further. There are critical problems that only quality inspectors can spot. They include:

Frame damage: Some collector vehicles have been involved in severe accidents leading to frame damage. However, it might be hard for a common mechanic to discover due to the repair done. This requires a good inspector.

Fire or flood damage: It is difficult to notice this, especially if the vehicle’s history is falsified. However, a good inspector can spot the damage signs.

Poor prior repairs: If a car was initially damaged and not well-repaired, especially the engine, it might have a recurring mechanical problem. If you do not have an excellent inspector to detect the issue, you are buying a severe problem.


Buying a car online can be affordable and, at the same time, very expensive if you acquire a car that has mechanical problems. Therefore, it would be wise to invest in a pre-purchase inspection to avoid such issues.

Pre-purchase inspections not only reveal whether the car you are about to purchase is a lemon or a peach but settles your mind too.

However, you can go through the process and still buy a car full of problems. That is why you need a qualified inspector, more so, an ASE-certified one to determine the internal issues that an ordinary inspector cannot.

Yes, the process will have additional costs, but it is worth it. It saves you from exploitation by dealers, future garage expenses, and, most importantly, your time in the future.