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Classic, Antique, Exotic, Motorcycle, Hot Rod car values and Pre-purchase Inspections

Physical Inspections

Serving most of Maryland (west of the bay)

Eastern West Virginia

North central Virginia

South central Pennsylvania



Local (within 1/2 hour of Hagerstown)

Basic Appraisal $175.

Specialty Appraisal $250.

Pre-purchase inspection $300.

Excess mileage (more than 30) billed @ $1. per mile

Online Appraisals

Order an online forensic appraisal for any vehicle in the United States.

To have your vehicle appraised, just fill out the form providing as many details as you can, upload photos of the vehicle you want appraised, and complete the checkout process. 

We will send you an appraisal for your vehicle within 48 hours.



Online Auto Appraisal $125

online auto appraisals

Diminished Value Report

Let’s assume you were shopping for a late model used vehicle. You come upon a dealer who has 2 identical vehicles that match what you are looking for. These vehicles are the same year, make and model. They have the same mileage and options. They appear to be in the same general condition. The sticker price for both vehicles is $20,000. You ask the dealer if either vehicle has ever been wrecked and Carfax or AutoCheck indicates one of the vehicles had sustained $6,500.00 in collision damage. Would you still give equal consideration to each vehicle?

Many people don’t think about the new, lower value of their vehicle in the aftermath of an accident. Instead, we just worry about how long it’s going to take for the body shop to fix the darn car so we can get back to our lives. If you have a newer vehicle or an expensive one, you must ask to be compensated for diminished value.

The insurance company won’t offer. Insurance companies try to avoid paying for diminished value. It’s important to pursue a diminished value claim right away, because most states have a statute of limitations on property damage claims, often three years.  

The amount of the Diminished Value is dependent upon a number of factors, such as the vehicle’s pre-loss condition; the vehicle’s year, make and model; the type of accident the vehicle was in; the amount of damages the vehicle suffered; and other such contributing factors. We help determine the diminished value of your vehicle.

See the local Diminished Value Rulesby state.

diminished value report

Collector Vehicle Value

The popularity of collector vehicles has never been higher. Some collectors spend months, even years, and several thousand dollars to build or restore their dream car only to find out their insurance company only offers coverage equal to the "Book" value.

Most insurance companies will offer Stated Value Policies, but they will require an independent appraisal. Based upon the documents and information, you provide, we can establish the Actual Cash Value of your pride and joy to properly protect your investment.  

There are a wide range of selling methods like E-Bay, Craig’s List and other internet auction sites, and the recurring Barrett-Jackson and Mecum auctions that sometimes result in inflated prices. When insuring your collectible car, it can be confusing to determine the proper amount of coverage. We can assist in your decision!  

We are professionally trained to inspect/appraise cars and have access to tools through N.A.D.A. We thoroughly inspect your documents and images, we compile a report with details documenting the condition and the "Actual Cash Value" of your vehicle.

classic car appraisal

Estate / Bankruptcy / Divorce

These types of appraisals are usually mandated by some sort of judicial process or are required on the advice of legal counsel and are often time sensitive.

We can provide an independent appraisal to help you establish the minimum market value of vehicles which could save thousands of dollars on taxes or settlements.

motorcycle appraisal

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Do not buy that car you saw online or at one of those supposed "Classic Car" dealers without having it inspected first. The cost of the inspection could save you thousands in surprises or on the price negotiations.

I am not Superman. I cannot see through sheet metal, but I know cars as well as anyone and can tell trash from treasure.

pre-purchase inspection

Seller Services

I will research recent sales of vehicles similar to yours to correctly determine the "real" value of the vehicle. I'll market the vehicle via social media links, list it on E-Bay and any other relevant online platform.

If needed, I'll have the vehicle transported to one of the local weekly reserve auctions. I will exercise every available opportunity to sell your vehicle and save you all of the headache.

classic car sales

Auction Proxy Service

I can represent you as a buyer or seller at any auction anywhere. I've been an auction proxy for over 30 years and have conducted hundreds of transactions.

If the car you want is being auctioned, and you cannot be there, I'll go in your place, look the vehicle over and bid up to the price you dictate.

auction proxy service

Estate / Charity Sales

I will work with the estate principals or the attorney to liquidate the vehicle (s) as fairly and quickly as possible.

I will sell the vehicle and remit the proceeds to the charity you desire.

estate charity sales