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Mustang Crashed

The following are some vehicles that may necessitate collector car insurance: Vehicles from the past (25 years or older)Exotic and high-end vehiclesVehicles from the pastVehicles from the golden age of the militaryModified vehicles, also known as hotrodsVehicles with a lot of power Anyone who owns a vehicle must obtain automobile insurance. Collector cars, on the…

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Shipping the Baby

Black Charger

Shipping a Collector car is obviously a difficult task. You want to ensure that your prized vehicle is transported with the utmost care and security. You’ll want to work with a company that has a proven track record of transporting vintage and antique vehicles safely. People frequently have incorrect perceptions or opinions about historic automobile…

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Get a Loan on It


Due to their unfamiliarity with the classic automobile market, traditional auto lenders were hesitant to lend to buyers of vintage vehicles. Until recently, there were no historic car loans available. A collector automobile could only be acquired using cash, a home equity loan, or a personal loan. There were no other available options. Traditional auto…

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Presidential Rides


What does it signify, then, that the president enjoys driving? Automobiles may both polarize and unify us. Interested in a neutral examination of the presidents who were auto enthusiasts? We will start with Vice President Joe Biden and proceed backwards. Joe Biden’s Corvette As you may know, Joe Biden is a Corvette fan. As a…

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Insurance Value


When it’s hard to figure out how much a car is worth, it can be insured for a set amount. This will explain what the stated amount means and how it differs from the agreed value and the actual cash value. The following example shows how the amount of coverage could be used in a…

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Keep the Value

Black C5

Your vehicle’s potential profit when it is sold. There is no way to stop the continuing decline in the value of automobiles. As soon as it is driven off the lot, a vehicle typically loses roughly 20 percent of its value on average. Depreciation may become less rapid with the passage of time, but it…

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Can Mods. Affect Value

Orange Custom Camaro

Depending on the car, alterations might have a substantial impact on resale value due to the fact that cars are manufactured to specifications for a reason. The original components fit flawlessly because this was their intended use. The manufacturer selects, manufactures, and fine-tunes the engines, brakes, suspension, frame, and tires for certain qualities that were…

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Ready it For Online Sale

Due to the fact that my friends are aware of my extensive buying expertise, they all assume I know how to sell a car online. However, I’ve never done it before. Considering that I’m an appraiser, I don’t earn enough money to purchase any car I desire. Those who have the means should. Those who…

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Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

This is an introduction to a “Soon To Be Born” project of mine Our Mission is a division of We have been appraising, buying, inspecting, modifying, and selling cool cars since 1977. In the course of our operations we have met, up close and personal, thousands of really good people who put their…

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Online Forensic Vehicle Appraisal

Online Forensic Auto Appraisal Technology has transformed the way we operate entirely. Nowadays, almost everything is done online. You only need to search online, buying or selling, to locate information about anything. This is the simplest way of reaching the market. For instance, if you want to sell a vehicle, you no longer need to…

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