Online Forensic Vehicle Appraisal

Online Forensic Auto Appraisal

Technology has transformed the way we operate entirely. Nowadays, almost everything is done online. You only need to search online, buying or selling, to locate information about anything. This is the simplest way of reaching the market.

For instance, if you want to sell a vehicle, you no longer need to stick for sale signs on your car or put it in the front yard. All that is required of you is to take pictures of your car, post them online and provide the necessary information about it; by doing that, you will have reached the most extensive market ever. Therefore, it is pretty easy and quick to find a buyer for your vehicle.

If you are a buyer you will want to know the real ACV (actual cash value) of the potential purchase before you lay down your hard earned money.

Many insurance companies require an independent (third party) appraisal for the vehicle to qualify for a “Stated Value Policy”. If the vehicle istotaled in an accident that was not your fault the other guy’s insurance company may be obligated to pay you the “book” value, which will only be a tiny portion of your vehicle’s real ACV. A stated value policy can protect 100% of your investment.

You can access this essential service online. An online forensic auto appraisal is another important service you can acquire online. It is a virtual service with multiple benefits.

 Here are some of the benefits.

  • The correct documentation required to obtain a “Stated Value” insurance policy.
  • It is processed by qualified professional appraisers
  • It includes every detail about your car, as provided by you and the images you send.
  • It is time-saving
  • It is affordable and most reliable.

Do you know that your vehicle’s appraiser does not need to see the car in person? Well, that is how far technology has impacted our lives. Unlike earlier, when you had to take your vehicle to the appraiser or have someone come to you, to assess it in person is no longer the case.

Some people find it hard to provide direct information but easy to fill in a questionnaire or a form. If you are one of them, you have the option to supply the details of your vehicle by completing the data collection form on our website.

When acquiring the online appraisal of your vehicle, you need not leave your home or workplace to meet with your appraiser. Our website has a fill able form where you can provide all unique information about your vehicle, and you can upload images to our website’s data collection page. And your work is done. The rest is up to us. This process applies to all types of vehicles: Antique, Classic, Custom, Modified, Daily driver cars, trucks, and motorcycles. (Even boats)

So what kind of information should you provide? Check out below.

Some of the important information your “Vehicle Appraiser” will need.

  1. Multiple images of the vehicle:

To include:

Exterior: 4 corners from about 10 feet away, and multiple up close images of areas of interest.


VIN # (Vehicle Identification Number)

Mileage: Actual or since restoration

Interior: Dash, gauges, seats, carpet, and console

  • Vehicle Details:

Provide specific descriptions of any and all upgrades and modifications done to the vehicle. To include engine, transmission, differential, body modifications, paint, interior, rims and tires, suspension, and brakes etc. Tell us what you have. The more we know the more accurate we can be.

  1. Ownership history (If available)

2) Damage history (If available)

3) Mechanical history (Engine, transmission, etc. failures)

4) Purpose of appraisal (Insurance coverage, buying, selling, estate, divorce)


Using an online appraiser is currently the best option. We are among the most reliable, trusted and provide accurate information about your vehicle’s value. Opting for us rather than in person appraisers can prove to be the best decision.