Choosing Staggered Rims for My Car

Staggered Rims
Staggered Rims

Are you considering purchasing a set of staggered wheels for your car but are unsure of their value? Staggered wheels can give a vehicle a significantly more aggressive appearance than stock wheels. However, are staggered wheels suitable for you? What are the advantages and disadvantages of staggered wheels?

What Are Offset Wheels?

Essentially, an automobile with staggered wheels has two wheels that are broader than the other two. On rear-wheel-drive (RWD) vehicles, the rear wheels are typically broader than the front ones. The most common sort of staggered wheel layout has the bigger wheels in the rear.


Staggered Vs Square Wheel Setups

A square wheel configuration indicates that the width and diameter of all four wheels and tires are identical. The primary advantage of a square wheel configuration is the ability to rotate the wheels and tires from side to side and front to back. With a staggered wheel layout, the rear wheels are typically wider (on a RWD vehicle), thus you would not want to switch the front and rear wheels and tires. Rotating your tires lowers tread wear and extends the life of your tires.


Pros of Offset Wheels

The key advantage of an automobile with staggered wheels is the enhanced traction on the drive wheels. High-performance RWD vehicles need to have a staggered wheel layout to maintain traction on the rear tires. More rubber from the tires will make contact with the road surface if the wheel and tire are wider, resulting in greater traction. Having wider rear tires on a RWD vehicle also increases understeer, which is contrary to what you would expect from an RWD vehicle. Having staggered wheels will improve the overall balance of a RWD vehicle, particularly one with a great deal of horsepower.


Cons of Offset Wheels

The primary disadvantage of having staggered wheels is that you cannot rotate the front and rear wheels and tires. You may still rotate your two rear wheels and your two front wheels in opposite directions.


Do Staggered Wheels Improve Handling?

Using a staggered wheel layout can improve the handling of a RWD vehicle by preventing the rear tires from losing traction (and oversteering) as easily during turns. Because of the greater tire patch width, staggered wheels will also improve straight-line performance and traction. If your vehicle’s rear tires detach readily under heavy acceleration when turning or traveling in a straight line, installing bigger wheels and tires in the rear can prevent this from occurring. This will enable you to speed through turns and from a complete stop without fear of losing control and crashing into a ditch.