Simple “Mods” Anyone Can Do

Cheap DIY Car Modifications


Steering Wheel Cover – A matching or elegant steering wheel cover is an easy mod. They come in a variety of colors, materials, and even heated ones.

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Getting a customized grille for your automobile is one of my favorite ways to bling out your car without being obnoxious. 


Adding a touch of style to a vehicle, especially an American muscle car, is pinstriping. 


Headlight Covers – These simple-to-install automotive modifications can modify the shape, color, and appearance of your headlights.


Vanity plates are a fun way to personalize your vehicle. 


Some autos have easy fog light upgrades. If they don’t have them, the front bumper normally has them. If you have them, you can change the light bulbs to change the look of your car.


High-Intensity Discharge and LED are the new car trends. Most older cars have halogen headlights. Most car dealers sell conversion kits to enhance and restyle outdated headlights.


LED Light Kits can now brighten your interior and provide interesting color splashes and accents to your vehicle.


Whether you want to hide old upholstery stains and tears, change the color of your interior or make it resemble “leather”, seat coverings are the way to go. They come in front and rear seats, are easy to install and come in a wide range of materials, styles, and colors.


A nice automobile update trend is to bling out or colorizes your car’s maker ornaments. You may get them in a variety of colors and materials.


Color or decorate your car’s shift knob. It can be a matching hue, an accent, or a great discussion piece.


Dice hanging from the Mirror 


In the 90s, this was the coolest thing you could do to your car. It didn’t matter how fast, or old, your automobile was, if it had “neon’s” under it, everyone would notice you. 


Put a brand decal on your automobile to show off your upgrades and modifications. If you do decide to add them, do so because you are a proud fan or sponsor of the brand or just a few of them. Other novelty decals can be used to decorate your automobile to show off your loved ones, sports, hobbies, or even pets. 


The easiest and cheapest change is to remove the front license plate if your state allows it. You only need a screwdriver. Leave your front plate off. 


 Interior Dome Light – If you don’t need to utilize your car’s dome light for vision, you can add a colored bulb to the interior dome light.


A few folks have made personalizing or blinging their door locks a trend. 


Custom Hood Ornament – A customized hood ornament is a great way to customize your car. 


Valve stem caps have some cool differences. They can be customized to match the car’s theme or adorned with crystals. Be cautious. If you acquire costly stem valve caps, someone can stroll up to your car, unscrew them, and take them.


It’s not the cheapest automobile mod, but a vinyl wrap is cheaper than a fresh paint job. With so many colors to choose from, they can instantly transform your car. You can do this yourself if you have the patience, but you will need support and a dust-free garage.


The side mirrors, hood, and even the spoiler can be wrapped as accents. You can remove it to get your original color back.


Using the same vinyl, you may put a racing stripe on your car. Before you squeegee it out and make it stick, use a lot of soap to layout the stripe straight.


You may paint your car to give it that fantastic matte murdered-out finish that will transform your automobile’s original paint job overnight.

Windshield wipers, especially the arms, are available in a variety of styles and colors that might enhance your car’s cool aspect.


Adding speakers, subwoofers, or a digital face to your car’s sound system can enhance it.


In addition to looking cool, cell phone holders allow you to view your mobile navigation system if you use one.


Having aching elbows from resting them on the leather console. Padded covers come in a variety of colors, styles, and functions.


The function and style of seatbelt covers are unlimited. They are great for preventing neck irritation from seatbelts.


Portable gadgets, charging your phone, and other portable devices are all possible with a USB charger.


Video screens are a wonderful way to enhance your car. They’re fantastic for keeping kids entertained on long car rides.


The video game console was big before high-end video games were so “mobile” and portable.  Having a gaming system in your car used to make you the parking lot king.


Colored lights and tinted coverings are available, or you can use a spray tint to color your own. They’re cool for adding color to your car’s outside.


Some people choose to enhance or customize their car’s tail and turn signal lights using covers, colored bulbs, or even vinyl wraps. Be aware of local laws regarding color and visibility.


Purchasing rust-proof paint and painting visible automotive elements such as side-view mirror covers or brake drums and calipers is possible if you are capable and ambitious. Remove the pieces you want to paint so you don’t paint your brake discs or get the wrong color on your car.


One option is to paint or modify the spoiler’s color. Others alter the shape and design of their spoiler. 


Headlight film can also change the color of your headlights. They may be used to both protect and tint your headlights.


Tire Bling – Some like it, some don’t. You’ll find a spray can that puts a coat of… er… “sparkle” on your tires. 


Adding neon or color to your car’s exterior is easy with wheel & fender lights. 


Make your car’s trunk or hatch stand out with a cool cover, liner, or cloth.


The chrome trim can be purchased and utilized to add embellishments to the outside of your car. Many people like to add chrome trim to their car’s fenders.


The most popular off-roading upgrade for trucks and Jeeps, mudguards are a cheap and easy solution to protect your car’s paint from rocks, dirt, and other hazards.


Window Tint – Available in various opacities and varieties, window tint is a classic automotive alteration. The DIY window tinting method on my side and rear side windows. 


Tire Cover – A cover for the spare tire on Jeeps and trucks is a popular alteration.


You can not only vinyl wrap or bling up your rear-view mirror, but also improve its technology. There are a few companies that sell outstanding sophisticated and handy rearview mirror equipment and gadgets.


Tell the guy behind you to stop tailgating… Digital bumper stickers are scrolling LED screens that you can update with a text message. 


Getting a new set of wheels for your car is probably the first change you dream about. Nice and distinctive ones can be costly, and you need four. Thousands of shapes, colors, and variants exist to customize your ride.


With an endless variety of colors and styles, floor mats can both protect your car’s inside from stains, mud, and other items tracked in by your feet as well as add some cool character to the interior.


Racing Pedals are a fantastic way to dress up your car’s interior.


To create a beautiful visual masterpiece, consider vinyl wrapping portions of the dashboard and interface in different colors.


A fun and cool lighting feature that many automobiles now include as standard. The new Mustangs do… The running horse logo shines on the ground next to the automobile when the doors are opened.

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