Remote Keyless Entry System

With a little mechanical know-how, you can install a remote keyless entry system in your car.
A keyless entry system is an excellent way to gain access to your vehicle quickly and easily without having to struggle for a key. While these technologies are becoming more prevalent as standard equipment on many new vehicles, older models equipped with power door locks may not necessarily include them.

However, installing one does not have to be difficult.

Choosing a keyless entry system with a remote

Remote keyless entry systems are available in a variety of configurations. You can get simple systems that lock and unlock only the driver’s side door. However, there are more comprehensive systems available that incorporate remote start capabilities, allowing you to remotely warm or cool your car from up to 500 feet away.

To assist you in selecting a remote keyless entry system, the following guidelines apply:

Select the appropriate product. Not all remote keyless entry systems are compatible with all vehicle makes and models. Ascertain that the things you are considering will function with your vehicle. If you are still unclear, contact the manufacturer of your vehicle for assistance.

Choose from the available choices. Consider the following choices for remote keyless entry systems:

Unlocking a single or more doors

Remote-control start

Possibility of opening the trunk (if applicable)

Connection to a smartphone application

Increased range of the transmitter

System of alarms

Increase the number of transmitters

Examine the testimonials. Once you’ve narrowed down the various systems for your automobile and the features you want, read reviews and consult with others. Check for information on whether a system is difficult to install or user-friendly, as well as whether it operates within the promised range.

Utilize reputable providers. Apart from choosing trustworthy remote keyless entry system suppliers, we recommend visiting a reputable auto parts retailer. Most establishments may offer an extended warranty and return policy in the event that the product is defective or not a good fit for your car.

After ensuring that the system is compatible with your vehicle and includes all of the features you desire, read some reviews to determine whether it performs as stated. Additionally, you should use a reputable auto parts store that can provide additional solutions in the event that something does not work.

While installing a remote keyless entry system in a car is not the first job a home mechanic should attempt, individuals with basic mechanic skills should be able to do so. While the majority of manufacturers recommend expert installation, with the correct tools and careful attention to instructions, it is possible to set up the system without an appointment.

Before you begin, you should ensure that you have the necessary tools. While the tools required will vary according to on the system, they will frequently include the following:

Cutter and stripper for wires

Tape insulator

Harnesses and clamps

Iron for solder

Always exercise utmost caution when working with your vehicle’s electrical system. Although the following stages are not specific to any particular remote keyless entry system, they can serve as a general reference for what to expect.

Consult the instructions. Ensure that you adhere to the exact instructions contained in your system’s manual. Because each system and car have unique features and connections, it is critical that you follow the recommendations specific to your system and vehicle.

Disconnect the battery from the car. You will be tinkering with the electrical system of the vehicle. As a result, always unplug your vehicle’s battery before tampering with any electrical connections.

Connect the wiring. Prepare the system’s wiring by stripping the relevant wires and connecting them to the wires in your car according to the instructions in your instruction manual.

Attach to the door lock. The majority of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) employ one of three different types of door locks. Determine the type of door lock on your door to ensure appropriate connections.

Evaluate the system. After installing all of the components, test the system to ensure it functions properly.

It can be difficult to remember to lock all doors, yet even one unlocked door invites a robber. A remote keyless entry device enables you to lock all of your vehicle’s doors at the push of a button.

One method to keep insurance premiums low is to never have to use it, so avoid calling in theft-related damage by locking and securing your automobile with a remote keyless entry device.