Chevy’s 632 = WOW

Chevy 632 Crate Engine

For the most part, Chevrolet is best recognized for its impressive portfolio of highly competitive automobiles, including the Silverado pickup truck, the Suburban SUV, and the electric Bolt vehicle variations. But even though Chevrolet is GM’s most important brand, that does not mean that automobile production is the only thing they do.

This Big-Block V8 Crate Engine Is More Expensive Than Your Favorite Vehicles!


When looking for basic components for project vehicles or rebuilds, consumers often turn to dealerships (or junkyards) as their first port of call.

The possibility of buying a secondhand car and removing the heart from it may be an option, but even the most knowledgeable automotive aficionados may be surprised to learn that Chevrolet and other automakers sell independent engine blocks right from the factory. Some of these are absurd.


In 2021, Chevrolet announced what is by far its most expensive and wildest engine to date. The ZZ632/1000 Big-Block crate engine from Chevrolet has more horsepower and torque than you could ever hope for. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of things.


Crate Engine ZZ632 Specs 

One thousand and four horses is a staggering number, especially when you realize that it runs on regular pump gas. As noted, this beast of an engine has over 1000 horsepower. When you factor in 876 pound-feet of torque, you’re looking at hypercar performance numbers. At 632 cubic inches or 10.3 liters, the crate engine from Chevy is the most potent in terms of horsepower and torque.


When it comes to the numbers, the ZZ632/1000 crate engine hits its peak RPM of 7,000. At 4,000 rpm, the engine is producing 600 hp, and at 5,000, it’s churning out 800 hp, allowing for a nice power increase as you crank it up. With CNC-machined aluminum cylinder heads that are symmetrical and identical in length and capacity, each individual cylinder is capable of producing the same power output.

A Look at the Production Process and Price of the ZZ632 Big-Block

In terms of power, Chevy’s new engine is based on the ZZ572 crate engine, but the iron castings are larger, which allows for a larger stroke and hence higher power. To make room for the longer stroke, the engine’s other components were redesigned, and they received additional enhancements to increase their long-term reliability.


If you’re going to put a $37,758 ZZ632/1000 engine in your car-which will cost you as much as or even more than the car itself-you’re going to need a lot of money to spend, but after looking at the engine’s impressive stats, it’s clear why the engine costs so much.


If you’re going to put a monster engine in your project car, you’re going to have to be bold enough to step behind the wheel of it. Those who are willing to accept the responsibility of wielding immense power will be in for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.