Get Your Car Ready After Covid 19

Prep for Storage



There is no doubt in our minds that we, too, have become tired of every company that has contacted us with its COVID-19 plan. However, if you don’t own a home, your car is likely your most valued possession. Taking care of your investments isn’t necessarily a bad use of your newfound free time, given the potential economic impact of this global catastrophe. You can do a few things to maintain your automobile’s health when it’s parked for the most part:


Make It Shiny!

The removal of rubbish from your vehicle’s interior and disinfection of all surfaces, particularly those that are frequently touched, such as the steering wheel, shifter, and many other switches, are both practical and hygienic. When it rains, sealing the exterior with a coat of wax will keep the paint from fading due to exposure to the elements. Remove all air fresheners; while they are tolerated in tiny dosages if left sealed up for a week, they become toxic concentrations. A sunshade for the windshield is also a good idea to protect the inside from discoloration and cracking in the sun.

Go For It!

If you’re expected to stay in, you’re going to have to go grocery shopping or get takeout at some point. Parking your automobile for an extended period without any sort of pre-planning is typically not recommended. Every time you drive your automobile, bring it to a full working temperature to prevent the fluids flowing and the hoses and seals from becoming brittle and leaking. Make sure the transmission goes through all of its gears before putting it in the park. While driving, get the engine up to redline to ensure that features like variable valve timing or cylinder deactivation are employed at least once or twice. The alternator only recharges your battery while you are driving the car, contrary to popular assumption. It needs the energy to start the car, but the alternator does not charge your battery while the car is idle. This prevents flat spots on the tires and allows you to shift the vehicle to another position if parking enforcement is an issue in your neighborhood.

Get a Tank of Gas

A germophobe’s worst nightmare was already getting gas before all of this happened. There are arguments for and against getting gas at this time. There are a few reasons why now is an excellent time to get all of your vehicles’ gas tanks filled, even if you only use them a few times a year. To avoid condensation, which could lead to rust, it is best to keep the tank at least partially full. And, not to get all doomsday-prepper on you, but be ready to depart at a moment’s notice has at least some value. If you can, try to avoid using the pumps during busy times and be sure to thoroughly clean up any spills.

Prevent Theft by Taking Precautions

To deter car thieves, keep your vehicle in a well-lit, well-guarded spot. Keep the car locked, of course, and think about using a deterrent like The Club as a warning sign. It’s ridiculous, outdated, and no, it’s not 100% unbreakable, but the most stolen cars are common models. Is stealing a Honda Civic worth the risk, or would you just steal a different model 30 feet away if you had your heart set on doing so?

You may have two cars and find yourself in a situation where you need only one, or none at all. Have a daily driver, an off-roader or track car for the weekend, and a pickup truck to tow the fun stuff in when you’re not using it. Some couples have two automobiles, but only use one of them for errands now that they’re both working from home. Preparing one of these items for long-term storage is a good choice under these circumstances. It’s feasible to make it easier on yourself if you ever need to borrow a car again by doing the following.

Jack, it up to protect the tires from flattening out.

At least once a month, check the tire pressure and other vital fluids in your vehicle.

Plug the automobile into a battery tender to keep the electronics from dying. Dead batteries might have unintended consequences on your car’s electrical systems, such as disabling your car’s theft-deterrent systems or wiping out the memory settings for your power seats.

A stabilizer for the gas will keep it from going bad and damaging your fuel system in the long run.

In light of the worldwide crisis, we’re all experiencing, we apologize in advance if we’ve contributed to your sense of overabundance with information. For the past three decades, our major mission has been to make owning an out-of-warranty automobile as simple as possible. Even with everything else going on, we’re doing our best to keep it up today.

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